Pure fitness- a complete fitness club

A club which is dedicated towards serving the people and the community for active and healthy way of living is the pure fitness club. In fact, this is much more than just a club. The vision of the Pure Group is to develop a community of healthy and mentally sound individuals where a nutritious diet and fitness regime becomes a lifestyle rather than routine. The group has world class gyms, yoga studios, open air exercise areas as well as restaurants and bars.

About Pure Fitness

The fitness equipment available in this club is world class and the areas of training include cycling sessions, boxing practices and weight lifting sessions. Various diversifying fitness classes are scheduled in the exercise programs devised by the club which include group classes of yoga, Pilates, polar cycling etc. the club also organizes dance exercises such as hip hop dances, disco dancing, aerobics, pole dancing and Latin dances. One of their most sorted after classes are the world famous Les Mills programs.

The fitness center also facilitates the people who want individual training sessions. They have professional personal instructors among their staff members who are globally certified trainers. Other than certified trainers and instructors, the health club also has qualified dieticians and nutritionists and fitness consultants.

The built

The fitness club chain is established across the world, from Canada to the Asian countries like Hong Kong and Singapore. The clubs, in all their establishments, are spread out in large area with well-defined interiors. The environment of the clubs is clean, warm and inviting where people feel relaxed and comfortable. The health clubs are structured in such manners that they receive good amount of sunlight throughout the day.

The health centers have designated areas for different exercise programs and also have studios for group exercises. Other than these, the clubs also have an array of amenities such as luxurious locker rooms, good childcare facilities, massage therapy sessions, healthy juice bars and wellness centers.

Pure group staffs

There are no criteria or set rules for joining or becoming members of this state-of-art fitness club. People of different age, young or old, and people with health status, fit or un-fit, all are welcome in this fitness center. This health club is different from other health clubs as the aim of the club is not only to make its members fit or to help them build their muscles but to also make them active in life. The club staffs strive to make the lives of the members happy, energetic and full of vitality.

The people working in the club, such as the trainers, consultants, instructors and help desk staffs are highly knowledgeable and very friendly. The staffs chosen for looking after the needs of the people are all rich in experience and have great expertise in their area of specialization. They make the members feel at home, motivate them and also encourage and inspire them to live a healthy way of life. The staff of the fitness center are thorough professionals and extremely personable.

Group exercise sessions

There are various levels of group exercises in the exercise programs and schedules designed by the club instructors. There are more than 50 group exercises organized by the club per week which are held in spacious, comfortable, sun-lit studios and rooms. The exercises are done under the supervision of well certified instructors, who not only supervise the exercise programs but also motivate the members enrolled in the exercise programs to advance from one level of exercises to the next.

Proper schedule calendars are maintained by the instructors and club staffs which are made public to their members and the members can schedule their exercises as per their choice of programs.

Some of the group exercises programs are as follows:

Cardio crunch: this set of cardiovascular exercise is not only good for increasing the cardiovascular endurances but is also good for burning all the unwanted body fat causing calories. The exercises are high on energy and are formulated through basic choreography.

Boot camp: one of the popular group exercises of the pure fitness regime is boot camp. This workout regime contains boxing and is great for the muscles of the body. The satisfying workout session includes elements of boxing, cardio exercises and strength training exercises.

Another energetic group exercises under boot camp set which make people feel and look fit in a short time is known as bikini boot camp classes. The exercises done in this class are fun and challenging as it is a mixture of cardio and strength exercises.

Pump it exercise class: this class

Pure fitness

Pure fitness